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{drabble} super junior

title: midnight walks (through a mind that's just scared of losing you)
pairing: siwon/ryeowook
rating: g
length: drabble
prompt(s): suju 100: 031 (midnight walks), shinee prompt generator: "shoot you into my bloodstream"

Whenever Siwon smiles that brilliant smile of his, Ryeowook is suddenly reminded of his fears: His irrational fear that someone will be hiding behind the shower curtain in the bathroom, the fear that he will forget the lyrics on stage, the irrational fear that someday, aliens will come and abduct him because he looks just like them and force him to sing them nursery rhymes and finally, the fear that he won’t be able to see that smile again.

Maybe, Ryeowook muses to himself late at night, he could shrink Siwon down to an impossibly small size. Then Siwon could never leave Ryeowook even if he wanted to escape. But then, Ryeowook thinks some more, where would he put Siwon? Maybe in the small treasure box on his bedside table. That thought is immediately thrown away. What if someone opened it and stole Siwon away from him?

Maybe he should just keep Siwon with him at all times. In a locket, perhaps in his pocket or maybe he should just slip him under his skin for safe keeping. Ryeowook shifts around in bed, excited at the sudden new thought process. A tad whimsical, but so is the thought of a shrink ray.

What would happen if he shot Siwon straight into his bloodstream. Then he would never have to be deprived of his daily dose of Siwon.

But then Ryeowook thinks, like really thinks, about shrinking Siwon and realizes that if he really was that small then he would never be able to see that smile again. Ryeowook sighs at another wasted night of brainstorming and rolls over. A gasp. Drooping eyes meet with open eyes. “Have you been watching me?”

Siwon smiles and Ryeowook’s breath catches. “What were you thinking about?”

Ryeowook shrugs, “I was thinking that if I shrunk you to a really, really tiny size, where I would put you.”

“Really?” Siwon’s laugh slams into the ceiling and rebounds. “Where did you decide to keep me.”

Ryeowook decides to lie just a little, "In my heart." Because, really, all blood leads to the heart.

Siwon kisses him on the forehead and lays back. “You’re so cute. Go to sleep. I’m not going anywhere.”

Ryeowook slides over to wrap his arm around Siwon’s waist. He trusts Siwon’s answer for tonight. But he knows he will be up late another night, worrying about something just as silly and creating even sillier solutions to his insecurities. At least Siwon will always be there to comfort him when his thoughts become a little too much to handle.

started: july 12, 2009
completed: july 12, 2009
word count: 420

Tags: challenge » super junior 100, length » drabble ( 100 - 1000 words ), rating » g, suju », suju » character » ryeowook, suju » character » siwon, suju » focus » ryeowook, suju » pairing » siwon/ryeowook
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